Spectre Morocco Blazer

The Brunello Cucinelli blazer/trousers combo Bond wears in Morocco is one of the most recognizable and popular outfits from Spectre. Bond wears the brown blazer with a white point-collar shirt and what Tom Ford calls a “rust” pointed tip knit tie. The earth-toned ensemble looks great in the dessert setting and it’s also a great color palette for summer weather if you want something with a richer color than the common tan or off-white. 

The blazer is the foundation of the outfit (check out this article and this infographic by Matt Spaiser over at Bond Suits for a really detailed look at the piece). A good alternative needs to be a medium to light brown or a darker tan/beige color – if the blazer is too dark it’ll look out of place during the summer months. The blazer should also be constructed from linen or cotton, and have notch lapels and flap pockets. I don’t think vent type or length matters all that much – get whatever you prefer. 

Here are five budget-friendly alternatives if you want to get Bond’s Morocco look. 

Under $100

Murano (from Dillard’s)

Baird McNutt Linen Suit Separates Blazer


This Baird McNutt blazer checks all the important boxes – dark beige, notch lapels, flap pockets, and linen construction (the product description says linen/polyester, but I don’t know if the polyester is just in the lining or if it’s also part of the blazer). I’m not sure how light this blazer will look in the sunlight but the color does seem a pretty good match based on the web photos. This blazer is also classic fit instead of slim fit, so it’s a good option if you don’t like slim-fit blazers. And, honestly, getting a blazer for under $100 is a great deal. 

Mango Outlet

Slim Fit Linen Suit Blazer


This blazer is my personal choice for best budget-friendly alternative. I bought mine back in April and have been very pleased with it so far. Its linen construction makes it great for the summer months and I love the texture of the weave. The color looks darker in the product photo than it is in person and it has the notch lapels and flap pockets. In keeping with typical Mango design, this blazer is shorter length, which is great if you have a short torso like me. I highly recommend this option. 

Under $200

Brooks Brothers

Stretch Cotton Three-Button Sport Coat

$148.50 – $198

This sport coat from Brooks Brothers isn’t the closest match to the Brunello Cucinelli blazer but it’s still a pretty good option. Its cotton construction keeps it breathable during the summer and it has a nice rich medium brown color. This sport coat has patch pockets instead of flap pockets, which is a departure from the Brunello Cucinelli version. I personally don’t like patch pockets but I’m willing to look past them because this sport coat has a very unique feature: three-roll-two buttons. It’s rare to find three-roll-two buttons on budget-friendly jackets, so it’s worth overlooking the patch pockets.

Under $300

Charles Tyrwhitt

Slim Fit Tan Textured Stretch Cotton Jacket

$149 – $299

Like the Brooks Brothers sport coat, this cotton jacket from Charles Tyrwhitt is primarily cotton with just a little elastane to provide the stretch. The jacket’s color is technically “tan,” but based on the product photos it looks like it matches the Brunello Cucinelli blazer pretty closely. The jacket also features notch lapels, flap pockets, and a two-button closure. My favorite feature is the jacket’s functional four-button cuff on the sleeves. Functional cuff buttons are uncommon at a budget-friendly price point, so these signal the jacket’s quality construction. 

Massimo Dutti

Slim Fit 100% Linen Blazer


I’m going to be completely honest with you, this one is a bit of a wild card. Not only is it the most expensive option on the list but I’m not 100% sure what color it is. It’s listed as “beige,” and as you can see in the product photo, it looks pretty similar to the other options on this list. But when you look at photos of the model wearing the blazer it looks like more of a greyish beige (?)—I’m not really sure how to describe it. Aside from the uncertainty about the color, this blazer has all the key criteria I’m looking for.

There you have it! I’ve personally found it very difficult over the years to find a good budget-friendly alternative to the Brunello Cucinelli blazer, so I hope this list is helpful. What do you think of these options? Let me know in the comments below! 

One thought on “Spectre Morocco Blazer

  1. I really like how they paired a slightly darker jacket with the slightly lighter pants! I think it is the primary thing that draws me to wearing my frugal version of this outfit so much. Great suggestions as always!


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