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Massimo Dutti Ribbed Dress Alternatives

As Bond fans eagerly await the (almost certainly delayed…again) release of No Time To Die, we’ve seen a lot of the promotional image featured at the top of this post. The white ribbed dress Léa Seydoux wears during the Matera action sequence has become a highly sought-after piece. Thanks to some sleuthing by the Bond community, […]

lea seydoux in red floral midi dress from no time to die

No Time To Die Rouje Gabin Dress

No Time To Die is still five months away (hopefully not longer than that) but some of the wardrobe pieces in the film are already sought after by fans. Bond’s wardrobe during the Matera scenes has already received a lot of attention – the Massimo Alba Sloop Suit and the Connelly jacket, in particular – but I think […]