Sean Connery wearing black long-sleeve polo in Thunderball

Thunderball Black Long-Sleeve Polo Alternatives

As my own small tribute to Sean Connery, I wanted to mark his passing with a post about one of my favorite outfits of his. I couldn’t decide between the tweed hacking jacket from Goldfinger or the black long-sleeve polo from Thunderball so I let my Instagram followers vote and the long-sleeve polo was the clear winner.  I really […]

Bond and Q in Thunderball

Orlebar Brown Thunderball Linen Shirt

When you’re looking for some warm-weather wardrobe ideas, you can’t go wrong taking a cue from Bond’s attire in Thunderball. Connery’s Bond has probably the best tropical wardrobe of the franchise and his clothing in Thunderball is the apex.  One of the best things about Connery’s tropical wardrobe is that it is very simple–a lot of camp collar […]