Casino Royale

daniel craig wearing a navy blue sunspel riviera polo

2021 Casino Royale Sunspel Riviera Polo

UPDATE: My original list of Sunspel Riviera Polo alternatives was one of my most popular posts in 2020. Unfortunately, most of the alternatives I found aren’t available again this year. I didn’t want to keep sending you to a bunch of broken product links, so I decided to revisit this post and find a new […]

Daniel Craig as James Bond wearing the blue rugby polo in Casino Royale

Casino Royale Blue Rugby Shirt Alternative

During the climactic action sequence in Venice, Bond wears a blue long-sleeve rugby shirt over a grey mélange Sunspel t-shirt. (Check out Matt Spaiser’s article over on Bond Suits if you want to know what makes it a rugby shirt instead of a polo shirt.) This rugby shirt’s origin is a bit of a mystery—it wasn’t made […]

daniel craig james bond wearing iconic outfits

Top Budget-Friendly Alternatives of 2020

I launched Bond on a Budget this past July. Since then, I’ve shared more than 100 budget-friendly alternatives for Bond-related clothing items! As we say goodbye to 2020, I’m revisiting some of my favorite budget-friendly alternatives from this past year. All of the items on this list are here for two reasons: 1) they’re great budget-friendly alternatives, […]

two navy double-breasted peacoats worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond

(00)7 Peacoats to Fit Any Budget

This article is going to be a little different — instead of alternatives for a particular piece from James Bond’s wardrobe, I’m giving you a list of what I think are some great peacoats to choose from at a variety of price points. I’m not doing alternatives because I know the budget-friendly alternative everyone wants is […]

Bond and M in the Bahamas in Casino Royale

Casino Royale Sunspel Riviera Polo

The Sunspel Riviera Polo Bond wears in the Bahamas is one of the iconic looks from Casino Royale, which is a little surprising because in a lot of ways, it’s so … basic. He wears a navy polo with tan trousers. I’m sure thousands of people wear the same outfit every day but there’s something special […]

Bond in red floral shirt in Casino Royale

Casino Royale Madagascar Floral Shirt

Casino Royale’s parkour-style chase through a Madagascar construction zone introduced Daniel Craig as a much more physical Bond than we had seen before and quickly earned a place as one of the franchise’s most iconic action sequences.  While the stunts take center stage, Bond’s outfit is a close a second. Instead of a suit, safari […]