Casino Royale Madagascar Floral Shirt

Bond in red floral shirt in Casino Royale

Casino Royale’s parkour-style chase through a Madagascar construction zone introduced Daniel Craig as a much more physical Bond than we had seen before and quickly earned a place as one of the franchise’s most iconic action sequences. 

While the stunts take center stage, Bond’s outfit is a close a second. Instead of a suit, safari jacket or camp shirt, he wears a short-sleeved floral-print shirt with a grey undershirt, drawstring trousers and Converse sneakers –– not exactly a typical Bond look. Out of everything, the floral shirt is definitely the centerpiece. 

Fans seem to either love the Madagascar outfit or they hate it. For those who love it, finding the floral shirt is a challenge, especially almost 15 years later. The shirt has a point collar, breast pocket and straight hem. (For a more detailed look at the shirt, check out this article from Matt Spaiser over at Bond Suits.) Magnoli Clothiers offers an excellent made-to-order replica but its $175 price tag is a bit steep. 

Under $50

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option for the Madagascar floral shirt, check out this alternative:


Marc Anthony Linen Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt

$17.59 – $46

“Red Floral” Pattern

This slim-fit linen blend shirt from the Marc Anthony brand at Kohl’s shares the movie version’s point collar and breast pocket. The hem at the bottom has a slight scoop but it’s still meant to be worn untucked. The fit is slim without being tight. For me, the slim-fit really shines in the sleeves –– there’s enough room that your arms aren’t being pinched without excess fabric flapping in the wind. 

Even considering the great design and fit elements, the pattern is the real pièce de résistance. The red floral pattern is one of the closest patterns I’ve seen to the movie shirt on an off-the-rack product. Of course it’s not a perfect match, but it’s pretty close.

A side-by-side comparison of the Casino Royale shirt (left) and the Marc Anthony shirt from Kohl’s (right). You can also see the breast pocket on the Kohl’s shirt on the right side of the image.

The colors are more vibrant on the Kohl’s shirt. That said, I think it’s actually the amount of space between flowers that gives the pattern that Casino Royale feel. A lot of tropical shirts cover every inch of fabric with bright patterns, but the Madagascar shirt doesn’t do that. It provides a lot of space between the bolder elements and the Kohl’s shirt does the same thing, which makes it really stand out as a good option.

Me sporting my own copy of the Marc Anthony shirt.

I got my shirt in June and I’m very pleased with it. It’s great for the summer and at less than $20, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to capture that Casino Royale look. 

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