Why Bond on a Budget?

My favorite charcoal glen check suit paired with a light blue dress shirt and black silk knit tie. This suit from Banana Republic Factory cost me just $135.

Bond has been a style icon for more than 50 years, and the franchise has given generations of men and women a sartorial example to aspire to. At the same time, most of the Bond brands are top-of-the-line, expensive luxury brands with price tags beyond the reach of many. 

I created Bond on a Budget because I want to be a resource for people who want to look Bond-level good without the Bond-level price tags. Just because you can’t afford a $3,500 suit doesn’t mean you can’t look like Bond in a budget-friendly alternative. Pairing complimentary colors, patterns and fabrics are much more important than what brands you buy. 

We can all dress like Bond, even if we live on a budget. 

Thanks for reading and welcome to the Bond on a Budget community!

Scott Larkin