No Time To Die Rouje Gabin Dress

lea seydoux in red floral midi dress from no time to die

No Time To Die is still five months away (hopefully not longer than that) but some of the wardrobe pieces in the film are already sought after by fans. Bond’s wardrobe during the Matera scenes has already received a lot of attention – the Massimo Alba Sloop Suit and the Connelly jacket, in particular – but I think Madeleine Swann’s wardrobe also has a lot of great pieces, like the red floral dress from Paris-based brand Rouje. 

We only get a glimpse of this dress in the trailers but it shows up in a lot of behind-the-scene photos. (Thanks to Bond Lifestyle for this article identifying the dress.) The dress is called the Gabin – it’s a midi wrap dress with a V neckline, five buttons, and a tie at the front. It has short sleeves and is made of 100% viscose (a synthetic fiber used as a silk substitute). The dress is red with white/blue/grey flowers and retails for $195. 

As Bond brands go, $195 is relatively affordable. That said, it’s still more than a lot of people want to spend on a dress, and this particular dress is currently unavailable. (You can sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock.) 

With that in mind, I enlisted my wife to help me compile a list of reasonable alternatives that will help you get the same kind of look as the Rouje dress. They’re not perfect matches by any means, but they’re all red midi dresses with a V neckline, short sleeves, and floral pattern. 

With those criteria in mind, here are some budget-friendly alternatives to the Rouje Gabin dress from No Time To Die

Under $50

J. Crew Factory

Drapey Twill Wrap Midi Dress

$19.50 – $79.50

This dress from J. Crew Factory checks a lot of the right boxes (midi, V neckline, short sleeves, floral pattern) but there are some key differences, at least based on the photos. The red on the J. Crew Factory dress seem much brighter, almost edging towards orange a red/orange. The sleeves look maybe shorter and looser than the Gabin sleeves, but it’s hard to tell because there aren’t any photos of a model wearing the dress. The biggest difference is that the floral pattern is much busier and the flowers are all white. It’s also running low in stock, so I’d recommend getting it soon if this is something you’re interested in.

Banana Republic Factory

Floral Print Puff-Sleeve Fit-and-Flare Midi Dress

$65.98 – $109.99

This might be the closest match to the Gabin dress on this list. Even though the color is listed as “burgundy” it looks like a close match to Rouje’s “red.” This also has the V neckline but instead of a tie at the waist, it looks like the fabric is just gathered with elastic. The sleeves are longer but the model in the photo has them pushed up to her elbows—not quite short sleeves but it’s workable. Like the Gabin, this dress is 100% viscose. I also really like the floral pattern on this one. It’s minimalist with a lot of space between the flowers, and the flowers are pink/grey/green, which puts them closer to the flowers on the Rouje dress. As of writing this post, the dress is also an additional 50% off, so you can get it for about $33.

Under $100


Midi Tea Dress

$55 (SOLD OUT)

Admittedly, it’s kind of mean to put a dress that is sold out on the list but I decided to include it because it’s such a close match and I’m hoping Next restocks them at some point. This dress hits all the right notes: V neckline, midi dress, short sleeves, red with a floral pattern, and it’s 100% viscose. The flowers are daisies in what looks like an ivory color with black centers instead of blue/grey, and the red is brighter. This dress also isn’t a wrap—instead, it’s more fitted through the waste before flaring out a little toward the hem. Still, if this dress comes back in stock it’ll be a great alternative. 

Under $200

Ralph Lauren

Floral Crepe Midi Dress


Although it’s a lot busier than the Gabin, this dress gets a lot of things right. The silhouette is right, the V neckline is there, the short sleeves, and the midi length. There is also a removable sash belt that gives a wrap-like look to the dress. The red looks like the right color, it’s just the floral pattern that is a bit off. It’s basically a much more ornate version of the Gabin pattern, replacing daisies with what look like elaborate roses perhaps (we couldn’t identify exactly what type of flower they’re supposed to be). I think this dress is a good option if you want a bolder pattern than the Gabin.  

There you have it—three and a half (I’m counting the sold out dress as a half) budget-friendly alternatives to the Rouje Gabin dress from No Time To Die. I want to mention that I had four other options but they all sold out over the 4th of July weekend. I’m particularly disappointed about a dress from Gap that was almost identical—seriously, the closest match we found—but it sold out so they took down the product listing completely so I can’t even show it to you. I’m going to check back on that one and update this post if it becomes available in the future.

What do you think of these budget-friendly alternatives? Do they seem like good options or do they leave something to be desired? Let me know in the comments below!

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