Massimo Dutti Ribbed Dress Alternatives

As Bond fans eagerly await the (almost certainly delayed…again) release of No Time To Die, we’ve seen a lot of the promotional image featured at the top of this post. The white ribbed dress Léa Seydoux wears during the Matera action sequence has become a highly sought-after piece. Thanks to some sleuthing by the Bond community, it was identified as the Massimo Dutti Ribbed Dress With Belt (big thanks to James Bond Lifestyle for this article about it). 

The Massimo Dutti Ribbed Dress is made from a viscose/cotton blend, so it is both soft and breathable. It features a six-button front with a V-neck and short sleeves. The dress looks fitted on Léa Seydoux but it’s actually a straight fit so it’s actually her curves that give shape to the dress since she doesn’t wear the included belt with it. 

Unfortunately, the dress is from a previous line from Massimo Dutti and it’s no longer available. Since you can’t buy the real thing (even if you could afford it), I’ve put together a list of budget-friendly alternatives that will help you get a similar look. The main features I looked for are a button front, V-neck, short sleeves and some type of summer-friendly fabric. 

I do have a caveat to this list because we’re in the weird transition point between seasons when a lot of the spring/summer items are sold out – the options here are the best ones available right now. I had two other dresses that were almost identical to the Massimo Dutti dress but they both sold out before I wrote this post. If you’re interested in a dress that will give you a similar look, these dresses all fit the bill. But if you want a closer copy, you might want to wait to buy something until next spring. 

With that said, here are four budget-friendly Massimo Dutti Ribbed Dress Alternatives.

Under $50

Old Navy

Fit & Flare Button-Front Linen-Blend Midi Dress for Women

$24.97 – $44.99

This dress is a great alternative to the Massimo Dutti dress. It hits a lot of the right notes – the button front, V-neck, short sleeves and midi length. It’s a linen blend instead of the viscose/cotton blend, which means it probably won’t be as soft as the Massimo Dutti dress, but it will be comfortable during the summer. This dress isn’t ribbed like the Massimo Dutti dress and it’s flared at the bottom instead of fitted all the way down. But for less than $50, it’s a great option if you want the same kind of look.

Under $100

Calvin Klein (Macy’s)

Tie-Waist Linen Dress

$45.93 – $129.50

This Calvin Klein dress is a much looser fit than the one from Massimo Dutti, so it’s a good option if you don’t like tight dresses. Because the dress has a loose fit, it has a built-in tie at the waist which can give a little shape to the silhouette. It also has the button front, V-neck, short sleeves and midi length. This dress is a linen/rayon/spandex, so it will probably be a little softer than the dress from Old Navy but it’s hard to know for sure without trying it on. Overall, it’s another good option. 

Chelsea & Violet (Dillard’s)

Cotton Button Front Tiered Midi Dress


Although it isn’t ribbed, the stitching on this tiered dress from Chelsea & Violet gives it a pleated texture. The dress has an A-line silhouette like the one from Old Navy, with a belt at the waist. It also has a V-neck, short sleeves and a button front, although the buttons look like a mother of pearl instead of brown, so it doesn’t give the same contrast between the fabric and buttons as Massimo Dutti dress. This dress is also 100% cotton, so it will be soft but breathable, perfect for the summer months.

Under $200

Antonio Melani (Dillard’s)

Ellie Linen Button Front Midi Dress


This dress from Antonio Melani is a good option if you’re going for the Massimo Dutti look. It isn’t ribbed but the waist of the dress is pleated which creates a great textured look. The dress is made of linen and has a cotton/spandex lining so you don’t have to worry about it being see-through. Add the V neck, short sleeves and contrasting buttons, and you’ve got a great summer dress that will help you achieve the same kind of look as the Massimo Dutti dress. 

There you have it! My list of Massimo Dutti Ribbed Dress Alternatives. None of these are perfect matches for the Massimo Dutti dress we see in No Time To Die but they’re all respectable options that can help you get a similar look. What do you think of these options? Let me know in the comments below!

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