Quantum of Solace Brown Tom Ford Suit Alternatives

daniel craig james bond in quantum of solace tom ford dark brown suit

In my opinion, the dark brown Tom Ford suit Bond wears on his arrival in Bolivia is one of Quantum of Solace’s stand-out outfits. Its dark brown color also makes it one of the hardest suits to find good contemporary options for because most brown suits today run mid-to-light brown.

After a bit of searching, I found three good options to help you get Bond’s Bolivia look—all for under $400!

The Tom Ford Suit

(I’m just going to cover some highlights—for a complete look at the suit’s details, check out this article over at Bond Suits or this article at BAMF Style .)

Quantum of Solace is Tom Ford’s first Bond movie and the suits stand out for their timeless “Regency” cut compared to the slimmer fit suits seen in SkyfallSpectre, and No Time To Die. The suit is a dark brown mohair tonic with a three-roll-two button stance, notched lapels, five-button functioning cuffs, flap pockets with a ticket pocket, and double vents. The accompanying flat-front trousers have a low rise and turn ups.  

What to look for? 

There are some features from the Tom Ford suit that are impossible to find in a good alternative—e.g. the mohair tonic fabric and three-roll-two stance. Excepting those, here are the five characteristics I looked for:

Daniel Craig Quantum of Solace Dark Brown Tom Ford Suit
1) a dark brown fabric (the most important part)
2) a two-button closure (instead of a 3-roll-2)
3) double vents
4) flap pockets
5) a notched lapel
6) flat-front trousers

Other items like the ticket pocket and functioning cuffs are nice to have, but not essential. 

Under $200

Combatant Gentlemen

Chocolate Brown Tailored Fit Suit


Dark Brown Suit

If you haven’t heard of Combatant Gentlemen before, consider this your invitation to check them out.

This suit has 6/6 of the features I’m looking for. The “chocolate brown” fabric is definitely dark, although it’s a shade or two lighter than the Tom Ford original. And it delivers the two-button closure, double vents, flap pockets, a notched lapel, and flat-front trousers. When you order your suit, the trousers come unhemmed with a 36” inseam, so you can have your tailor add turn ups when you get them hemmed. The suit is available in both Tailored Fit and Slim Fit, so you can get whatever fit you prefer.

Under $400


Howden Birdseye Espresso Suit


espresso suit

Indochino’s made-to-measure suits have made them a staple menswear brand over the past several years. Because you can customize your suit when you order it, this one actually hits 9/6 (that’s not a typo) of the characteristics I looked for. 

First, the fabric is a very dark brown birdseye weave which is very close to, if not just a touch darker than, the Quantum of Solace suit. Better than a two-button closure, you can actually get this with a three-roll-two (this is where the extra points come in). You can also select double vents, flap pockets, and a notched lapel. Flat-front trousers are the standard. This suit gets even more bonus points because you can add functioning cuff buttons, turn ups, and side adjusters—literally, the only thing missing is the ticket pocket (that would’ve made it 10/6). If you’re looking to get as close to screen accurate as possible, this is your best bet. 


Traveler Collection Tailored Fit Suit

$399 ($249 on sale as of June 24, 2021)

dark brown suit

This suit from Jos.A.Bank is another option with 6/6 of the key features. Based on the product photos, I’d say this is this fabric is the closest in color to the Tom Ford original. It also has a two-button closure, double vents, flap pockets, a notched lapel, and flat-front trousers. The only real concern is that you can’t select your trousers size separately—Jos.A.Bank uses a six-inch drop—so it’s highly likely you’ll need to have your trousers tailored to fit properly at the waist. If those dimensions work for you or you don’t mind the extra tailoring, then this could be the suit for you. 

What do you think of the options on this list? As always, let me know in the comments below or come find me over on Instagram (@bondonabudget).

One thought on “Quantum of Solace Brown Tom Ford Suit Alternatives

  1. Oliver Wicks offers a chocolate brown wool and mohair you can fully customise for $599…. Worth the extra money to get it just right !!


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