No Time To Die Black Silk Shirt

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Tommy Bahama Catalina Twill Shirt No Time To Die

Bond’s relaxed black long-sleeve shirt and grey jeans with boat shoes outfit in No Time To Die looks casual, comfortable and effortlessly cool. The star of the outfit is undoubtedly the black Catalina Twill Shirt from Tommy Bahama and it’s no surprise it’s been a big hit with Bond fans.  

The Original

The Catalina Twill Shirt is a classic button-up long-sleeve shirt with a spread collar, straight hem, side vents, and pickstitching for a touch of texture. Even though it’s black, the Catalina Twill Shirt is made from 100% silk, so it’s light and breathable—an excellent shirt for hot summer weather anywhere. Tommy Bahama rereleased the shirt last fall and it’s still available on their website for $115. 

Among Bond brands, $115 for a piece of clothing is an absolute steal, but that doesn’t mean it’s affordable for everyone. If you’re looking for a less expensive option, here are four alternatives to help you get Bond’s Jamaica look from No Time To Die

What to look for

The Tommy Bahama Catalina Twill Shirt has 5 key features that I’m trying to look for in any alternative:

Tommy Bahama Black Catalina Twill Shirt
1) A lightweight material
2) A spread collar
3) Black buttons
4) A straight hem and side vents
5) A chest pocket

Under $50

H&M Black Linen Shirt


Regular Fit Linen Shirt


This hits 3/5 of the features I’m looking for. First, it’s made of 100% linen, a warm-weather staple due to its breathability. But linen can be a little stiff, so this shirt won’t have the same free-flowing drape as the Tommy Bahama. Second, it has a spread collar, and third, it has a chest pocket. This shirt falls short with white buttons instead of black (although you can easily swap those out) and it has a more traditional rounded hem instead of a straight hem. Even so, I think this is a good low-cost option. 

River Island Black Linen Blend Shirt

River Island

River Island Black Linen Blend Pocket Regular Shirt


This shirt comes a little closer than the H&M model with 4/5 of the features. This particular shirt is made from a 55% linen/45% cotton blend, which assures breathability. Cotton is often added to linen to make it softer, so this shirt will probably move a little more easily than the H&M option. This River Island option also has the spread collar and the chest pocket but it gets a leg up on the H&M alternative because it also has the black buttons. This shirt’s monochromatic look gives it a more elegant appearance. The one feature this shirt is missing is the straight hem and side vents, although it looks like the rounded hem is a little shorter so you shouldn’t have any issues with length when you wear it untucked. 

Under $100

Mango Regular Fit Flowy Shirt


Regular Fit Flowy Shirt


Even though this shirt from Mango only hits 3/5 of the features from the Tommy Bahama shirt, it’s my pick for my favorite alternative on the list. This shirt’s big advantage is that it’s made from an 88% viscose/12% polyamide blend instead of linen or cotton. Viscose is a synthetic silk substitute; silk is an example of a naturally occurring polyamide and synthetic polyamides are often used in textiles because they are strong and durable. As a result, this shirt will feel like you’re wearing silk (like the original Tommy Bahama shirt) at a fraction of the cost.

Another big advantage here is that this shirt has the straight hem and side vents seen on the Tommy Bahama. Add the black buttons and you have an all-around great option. It’s missing the spread collar—it has a classic collar instead—and it’s also missing the chest pocket. In my book, the fabric and the straight hem more than make up the shirt’s shortcomings. 

Express Black Seersucker Shirt


Slim Solid Seersucker Shirt


This is another alternative that has 3/5 of the features. It’s made of seersucker, a classic summer fabric staple with a great texture. It won’t have the same drape as the silk or viscose shirts, but it will still be comfortable in the summer heat. This option also has the chest pocket and black buttons. Like most of the other alternatives here, this Express shirt has a rounded hem instead of a straight hem, as well as a point collar instead of a spread collar. It’s another solid option to get the No Time To Die look.

What do you think of the alternatives on this list? As always, let me know in the comments below or come find me over on Instagram (@bondonabudget). Happy shopping! 

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