PRODUCT REVIEW: What Price Glory NTTD Sweater

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The commando outfit is arguably the most recognizable costume from No Time To Die, and with good reason. Bond wears it during the movie’s entire third act, giving it the most screen time of any outfit in the movie. 

Costume Designer Suttirat Anne Larlarb designed the outfit working with returning Bond brand N.Peal. You can buy the authentic sweater and trousers directly from N.Peal, but there are also a lot of imitation sweaters of varying quality available from a number of online sellers. (Check out some of the options in my post “No Time To Die Commando Sweater”.) My top pick for alternatives based on looks is the JB Style Royal Navy Blue Wool Pullover Sweater from military clothiers What Price Glory.

I bought my own commando sweater alternative from What Price Glory back in October for my Halloween costume. I’m here after wearing it several times over the past few months to give you my honest review. Is the sweater as good in-person as it looks online? Keep reading to find out! 

The Design

The What Price Glory JB Style Royal Navy Blue Wool Pullover Sweater captures all the major design details from the N.Peal sweater. Photos from What Price Glory website.

The What Price Glory sweater design captures the original design very closely. It has all the right details – ribbed fabric, neckline, drawstring, and patches – which I’ll discuss in more detail below. The sleeves even have the same tapered shape from the elbow to the cuff. It’s so close that I’ve been asked several times while wearing it if it’s “the sweater” from No Time To Die. In a side-by-side comparison, only people intimately familiar with the look of the N.Peal sweater would be able to tell the difference.

One note about the design: the wide neck takes a little getting used to if you haven’t worn one before. It fits and folds differently than a round collar so it might rub against your throat depending on your posture or how you’re sitting. 

The Fabric

This feels like heavy-duty fabric for a heavy-duty sweater. Unfortunately we don’t know anything other than that it’s made from a wool/polyester blend – I wish we knew at least what percentage was used of each fiber. I haven’t seen the N.Peal sweater in person but I can only assume it’s a lot softer than this sweater (N.Peal used a 90/10 merino wool and cashmere blend, after all). That said, I don’t think the fabric on the What Price Glory sweater is scratchy or uncomfortable at all.

The sweater is definitely warm. I’ve worn it during some of our coldest Minnesota winter days and have been perfectly comfortable. I think it’ll also work without a jacket as we head through spring. 

The Drawstring

This is probably the biggest aesthetic difference between the What Price Glory and N.Peal sweaters – the drawstring on the What Price Glory sweater is much thicker and longer than the N.Peal drawstring. Actually, it’s way too long. And if you pull the drawstring too tightly, it shows in the wide neck opening like you see in the picture. 

To fix both issues, you can pull the string from the inside of the sweater. That way you can get it the length you want and give it enough slack that you won’t be able to see it in the neck opening. It’s easier to do with the sweater on so you don’t get tangled up in the extra string when you put it on.   

The Patches

The patches on the shoulders and elbows have the same shape and proportions featured on the original sweater. They’re made from cotton/poly-blend fabric and feel strong enough to handle some heavy use. They also hold their shape really, really well, which actually causes one of the biggest issues with this sweater.

The shoulder patches are centered right over the seam, which creates a natural fold in the middle of the patch. Because the patch is a heavier material, that fold creates a sharp point at the shoulder when you want a round shoulder. I’ve noticed that this has improved the more I’ve worn and washed the sweater but it’s still very noticeable even after several months.

Sizing and Fit

Depending on your measurements, this is where things get tricky. I’m consistently a 40- to 41-inch chest but What Price Glory doesn’t have a 40-inch size option. The small measures 19 inches from armpit to armpit, while the medium measures 21 inches from armpit to armpit. 

Faced with the choice between a sweater that was a little too big or a little too small, I opted for a little too big and ordered the medium. As a result, the sweater definitely doesn’t have the tailored look Daniel Craig sports in No Time To Die. It’s a little too long and wide, which makes it look a bit sloppy. It would be better if the shoulder patches weren’t so pointy because then it would look like a deliberately oversized sweater. As it is, it just looks more like I’m just wearing the wrong sized sweater. 

All of this is to advise that if you’re between the small or medium, order the small. It’ll likely be much closer to the fit you want. This only seems to be an issue with the small and medium because all the other sizes only increase by one inch armpit to armpit instead of two inches. Unfortunately, these sweaters are shipped internationally so you’re looking at an expensive return/exchange process if you get the wrong size.

Care Instructions 

Care instructions? What care instructions? There aren’t any. Not a single word about caring for your sweater on the website or a product tag, which is really annoying.

Here’s what I’ve been doing: place the sweater in a delicates bag, then machine wash on the delicate cycle with cold water. Lay flat to dry. I’ve put the sweater through probably 8-10 cycles like that and so far, so good. 

The Bottom Line 

The What Price Glory JB Style Royal Navy Blue Wool Pullover Sweater is a respectable alternative for the original sweater from N.Peal, especially for the budget-friendly price of $75. It gets almost all the aesthetics right minus the drawstring, and it’s made from a wool/polyester blend so it will last for a long time. My only complaints are the shoulder patches and the sizing issues I described. If you can get that right, I think you’ll be satisfied with this sweater. 

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