No Time To Die Matera Tie

Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time To Die Matera Chase Sequence

The corduroy suit Bond wears during the Matera chase sequence is one of the most recognizable (and polarizing) looks from the upcoming No Time To Die. Bond wears a corduroy Massimo Alba Sloop Suit with a cornflower blue shirt with button-down collar and Albert Thurston Dove Grey braces. The outfit is finished off with the Avery necktie from New York-based Alexander Olch. 

The Avery necktie is handmade from 100% Italian silk twill in burgundy with alternating diagonal lines of black and light blue bourette silk spots. The bourette spots give the tie a textured look that makes the Avery an excellent option for Bond’s casual corduroy suit and would pair just as well with a nice linen suit. Alexander Olch’s standard necktie width is 2.5 inches, but they custom made this tie to be 3.5 inches wide. This is certainly the most unique tie Daniel Craig’s Bond has ever worn. 

Here are three options to help you capture the same look. 

The Alternative

Tie Bar

Harbor Medallions Burgundy Tie


burgundy tie with alternating dark and light blue dots

This option from Tie Bar is made from a 20% linen/80% silk blend that gives it a nice textured look similar to the silk twill used on the Avery. The Tie Bar tie also features alternating diagonal lines of light blue and dark blue harbor medallions, which evokes the bourette silk spot pattern on the Avery necktie. This option is currently only available in the 3” wide version—only .5” narrower than the screen-worn tie. If you’re looking for a similar look with a much lower price tag, this is a great option. 

The Replica

Magnoli Clothiers

Matera Tie


burgundy and black tie with alternating dots

A lot of you might already be familiar with Magnoli Clothiers—they make high-quality replica clothing and props from some major franchises and have a large number of Bond replica clothing. (I personally bought their Royale Swim Shorts.) Their take on the Avery, which they’ve appropriately named the “Matera Tie”, is made from 100% silk and measure 3.5” wide like the screen-worn tie. The product photos make it look like this tie might have a bit more sheen than the Avery, but it’s hard to tell for certain without seeing the tie in person. All in all, this is another solid option. 

The Original

Alexander Olch

The Avery Necktie


Of course, the easiest way to capture Bond’s Matera look is to buy the actual tie he wore on screen. Even though $150 isn’t necessarily “budget-friendly”, it’s a lot less expensive than some of the other Bond ties so I think it’s worth including. Alexander Olch’s website is currently under renovation but I have confirmed that they have the Avery necktie available for order through their customer service email Alexander Olch offer the Avery in 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 3.5” widths, so you can get the screen-accurate size (3.5”) or go for something that more closely matches your personal style. They also offer complimentary shipping in the U.S. 

What do you think of these options? As always, let me know in the comments below or come find me over on Instagram (@bondonabudget).

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