Skyfall Crockett & Jones Islay Boots

It’s only the middle of August but autumn (and more importantly boot weather) is right around the corner. Boots are my favorite kind of footwear—seriously I’d wear them all year long if I could do so comfortably. If you’re in the market for a new pair of boots this year, take some inspiration from Bond himself and get a nice pair of wingtip boots. 

Bond’s Scotland outfit in Skyfall is probably the iconic look from that movie. It’s simple but functional—jeans, a sweater, a Barbour jacket, and a good pair of water resistant boots. Bond wears the Islay boots from English shoemakers Crockett & Jones. The Islays are made from calf leather with Dainite soles, feature a wingtip design with brogue detailing, and retail for $775.  

They’re beautiful boots but if $775 is more than you want to spend, there are plenty of budget-friendly alternatives out there. Here are five options that will give you the same Islay look for less than $200. 

Under $100

Nunn Bush (Zappos)

Odell Wingtip Boot


These wingtip boots from Nunn Bush have a leather upper, brogue details and thick rubber soles that’ll be great for walking on ice and snow. The red-brown color (“Rust”) is a pretty close match to the Islay boots’ “Dark Brown” with a more matted finish. The product details don’t mention water resistance, so assume these boots aren’t going to be waterproof. Even so, they’re a good budget-friendly alternative for the Islay look.


Kenneth Cole (Nordstrom Rack)

Maraq Lug Boot


These wingtip boots are another good Islay lookalike option—the color is a close match and the brogue details are similar to the Crockett & Jones boots. The Kenneth Cole boots are also made of leather uppers and rubber soles for good grip but, like the Nunn Bush boots, there’s no mention of weatherproofing so don’t assume they’ll keep your feet dry. For me, the biggest strike against these boots is that they have a zipper on the side—I hate boots with zippers, especially when there are also laces. 

Under $200

Will’s Vegan Store

Vegan Brogue Boots


As a vegan, I make sure I buy as many cruelty-free products as possible, so I’m really excited about these vegan leather boots. I plan to buy a pair for myself (if I can convince my wife that I need another pair of boots). These boots are water resistant with rubber outsoles—they look like Dainite soles but the product description just calls them TR outsoles. These boots are darker than the Islay options and while they have the wingtip design, they don’t have the brogue detailing. Even so they look like a great choice if you’re interested in cruelty-free fashion. If I buy a pair, I’ll definitely do a full product review.

Polo Ralph Lauren (Zappos)

Asher Wing Tip Boots


Here are another solid pair of wingtip boots to give you the Islay look. These are a bit darker than the Islay boots—more of a cherry color than brown—and they look a little dressier. The brogue design is a bit different because the stitching from the wingtip continues all the way around the back of the boot instead of curving down toward the soles like most wingtips. Still, it’s a decent budget-friendly alternative.

Anthony Veer (DSW)

Grant Wingtip Boot


These boots share a lot of the same features as the other options on this list—brogue detailing, leather construction, rubber soles, and a brown that is a close match to the Islay boots. Again, the product description doesn’t mention weatherproofing, so don’t assume these are water resistant or you might be disappointed. These have a slightly more rugged look than some of the other options on this list but they’re still easy to dress up or down.

There you have it—five budget-friendly wingtip boots that give you the Islay look for under $200. Any of these would look great with jeans or chinos, and could easily become your go-to boots this autumn. What do you think of these options? Let me know in the comments below!

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