Moonraker Deep V-Neck Sweater

Holly Goodhead from Moonraker

N. Peal recently released their Bond Woman Collection, which recreates some iconic looks from women across the Bond franchise. It’s a long-overdue move that makes franchise-inspired looks available for women. Hopefully other brands follow suit. 

One of the pieces featured in the collection is the 007 Deep V-Neck Sweater, inspired by the top worn by Dr. Holly Goodhead in 1979’s Moonraker. The elegant sweater looks slightly fitted (it’s only available in sizes XS to L) and is made from 100% cashmere. And it comes with a $335 price tag. 

It’s a beautiful sweater but $335 is a lot of money to spend for a sweater, especially for a black V-neck sweater. Black V-necks are literally a dime a dozen––just about every brand makes at least one style of V-neck, so it’s easy to find budget-friendly alternatives to the N. Peal sweater. The main difference is that most of the budget options aren’t cashmere, but I was able to find a couple 100% cashmere V-necks that come in far below the $335 price tag. 

Here are some budget-friendly options to get the V-neck look at a fraction of the cost. 

Under $50


V-Neck Sweater


There’s nothing glamorous about the option from H&M but it checks a lot of boxes with its deep v-neck and ribbed cuffs and hem. The fit looks a little looser than the N. Peal model and it’s made from a viscose/acrylic blend, but this will definitely get the job done if you want a basic v-neck sweater. 

J. Crew (at Nordstrom Rack)

Slub Knit V-Neck Sweater

$24.50 – $34.97

This 100% cotton sweater definitely looks the part of the N. Peal sweater with the exception of the V-neck–this is a standard V-neck instead of a deep V-neck. It also looks on the model like it might be a little shorter in the waste than the N. Peal sweater but it’s hard to tell for sure. Again, it’s a pretty basic sweater but it’s a good budget-friendly alternative. 

Under $100

Banana Republic Factory

Lightweight V-Neck Sweater

$29.99 – $59.99

One of the nice things about this sweater from Banana Republic Factory is its lightweight construction. It should work just as well as an extra layer on a cool summer evening or a nice top during the spring and autumn. This particular sweater has small slits at the side of the hem and it looks like the sleeves might be shorter than the sleeves on the N. Peal sweater, but it’s hard to tell for sure. Still, a classic V-neck sweater to give you the Holly Goodhead look. 

Under $150

Charter Club (at Macy’s)

V-Neck Cashmere Sweater

$49.99 – $139

Even though I put this sweater in the “Under $150” category, I want to emphasize that I’ve never seen it priced that high. It’s usually well under $100 because of ongoing sales.

This is the first sweater on the list that’s 100% cashmere and it’s still well under the N. Peal price tag. In addition to being constructed from cashmere, the sweater’s V-neck looks closer to the N. Peal neckline but I don’t think it’s a perfect match. It also looks like silhouette is very similar to the N. Peal sweater but it’s hard to know for sure from the photos. Any way you look at it, less than $100 for a cashmere sweater is a great way to get the N. Peal look without breaking the bank.

J. Crew

Cashmere V-Neck Fitted Sweater


At $128, this may be pushing the “budget-friendly” label but I decided to include it because it’s 100% cashmere and it’s still $200 less than the N. Peal sweater. This sweater is fitted and has a similar silhouette to the N. Peal version. Like the other alternatives on this list, the V-neck is not as deep as the N. Peal deep V-neck (honestly, I had a hard time finding deep V-necks). But if you’re interested in a high-quality black cashmere V-neck sweater that can give you the Holly Goodhead, this is a great option.

There you have it! These are my top picks for budget-friendly alternatives to the N. Peal 007 Deep V-Neck Sweater. What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below!  

One thought on “Moonraker Deep V-Neck Sweater

  1. Great suggestions! Cashmere sweaters such as these are almost always a doorbuster incentive to bring in shoppers on Black Friday at different department stores. I have snagged some gorgeous ones for next to nothing this way!


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